Defining Nostalgia—Disease or Emotion?

On August 25, 1768, a ship carrying 94 Royal Navy sailors left Plymouth, England with 18 months of provisions. On board was the naturalist, Joseph Banks, along with a group of scientists prepared to measure the transit of Venus across the sun to help calculate the size of the solar system. The process required measurements from different parts of the globe to reduce calculation errors. The HMS Endeavour, captained by James Cook, was headed to the Society Islands to observe the transit. But unbeknownst to the crew, Captain Cook possessed a secret set of orders that would take his ship far past Tahiti, across the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand and Australia—claiming these territories for England. The journey would last over a thousand days and not only added to the English Empire—it added the word nostalgia to the popular lexicon.

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Soar to New Heights at #ADRP2022

Soar to new heights at #ADRP2022! Learn about exciting new additions to the conference that are meant to elevate your experience. Conference Chair H. Ryan Steele introduces conference cohorts and long-form workshop sessions.

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